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Universal Vise Base

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Our Cell Block 132 Universal Vice Base was specifically designed for stability, functionality, versatility and durability. We wanted you to be able to setup our Cell Block 132 products anywhere and everywhere you want, without limitations, and our Universal Vise Base accomplishes this and more. This base will enable you to setup stable courses while tapping into your creativity.  

Our Universal Vice Base will fit and work with all of our Cell Block 132 products. The Universal Vise Base is completely modular so you can take with you to any event, location, or race. 


2 Tiny Universal Vice Bases

Please note these are made to order and will take approximately 48 hours to ship out after ordered.


A huge thank you to Mike Hartgrave for designing and working with the Militia Brothers on this base. It is people like Mike that make this industry amazing and we are extremely grateful to him and his time. I am confident we will be working with Mike again on many other projects. Thanks Mike!