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Tiny Race Gates

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Small Gate Hole Dimensions: 9 1/2in wide by 7in tall

Large Gate Hole Dimensions: 16in wide by 11 1/2in tall


3 Total Tiny Race Gates per Kit

(Poles for 3 Tiny Race Gates)

(3 sets of Race Gate material)

(6 aluminum bases)

(1 branded Tiny carry bag)


Our Tiny Race Gates are extremely durable and made for all Drones (including Tiny Whoops) to race indoors and outdoors. The Militia Brothers Tiny Race Gates assemble and disassemble so you can setup anywhere you want to race as well can fit easily within your carry-on for traveling. 

Militia Brothers Tiny Race Gates are available in 2 different sizes (small/large) as well as 2 different colors (white/black).

Available separately are the Tiny Race Gate/Flag accessory bases which enable you to place on windows, ceilings, fans, TVs, fridge, walls, in grass/dirt/planters, etc. and anywhere else you can think of. Our accessory bases are also interchangeable within all of our Tiny Race Gates and Tiny Race Flags.






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