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Militia Brothers Team Pilots

 Ryan Njaa - aka Rhino_FPV - Ramona, CA

Ryan Njaa (aka Rhino_FPV) is our newest Team Pilot. Ryan is an incredible pilot and we are extremely excited to support him in his FPV Racing career.

Ryan is 15 years old and got into the hobby in December of 2014 when he discovered FliteTest. Ryan and his dad began building and flying airplanes, which lead to his first multirotor… the Tricopter V2. He started racing multirotors a year after getting into the hobby and has grown into a very talented and competitive pilot.

Ryan is very involved in the flying and FPV racing community. His Dad organizes a group called San Diego Drones Meetup and they take time every 2 weeks in helping grow and educate their local community. He is also part of a group that has weekly meetups to put on races and improve their overall skills as well as to just have fun. Ryan also participates in monthly races at his home flying field, Silent Electric Flyers San Diego.

His family is very supportive of his racing and they do whatever they can to help him become the best pilot and competitor he can be.

See below for links to:

Ryan's YouTube Channel

Ryan's Facebook Page

Ryan's Instagram

Micah Morton - aka Woot FPV - Portland, OR

Micah's start in FPV began with the obligatory Charpu video, the star wars tree racer video, but mostly his overall love for all things RC. In the early 80's, his RC hobby started with gliders and nitro planes until he moved to Oregon and took a bit of an aircraft hiatus. Over a decade later and some dabbling with RC cars/boats, FPV seemed like the perfect thing to dive into head first. Micah's first multirotor frame was the FliteTest Electrohub; which he outgrew rapidly. In an effort to break fewer wooden parts, he purchased his first carbon fiber mini-quad frame; the Emax 250 Nighthawk. He upgraded rapidly from fast to faster to fastest and was no longer stumbling around a race course, but rather finding the limit of the throttle stick and wanting more.

Father to an amazing daughter and husband to an incredible and supportive wife, life doesn't get much better for Micah. He works as a Systems Engineer for a Public School district in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and when he's not FPV'ing, he's spending time with the family; camping, fishing or playing in the sand at the beach.

In addition to ripping some proverbial "balls" in races and freestyle, he also founded and acts as President of Northwest FPV; a regional hub, community and racing chapter in the Pacific Northwest. His goal is to foster a central environment where anybody can find a place to fly and people to fly with wherever they may live in our beautiful corner of the country; whether locals or just driving through. All are welcome. 

Micah's Facebook Page

Micah's YouTube Channel

Micah's Instagram

Micah's Twitter

Micah's Google+