We Build Custom FPV Racing Drones (Quads)

If you are a competitive pilot or just getting started in the industry, we know that most Pilots prefer to be up in the air flying rather than spending their time building and trying to keep up on the industries leading products. We also understand that most Ready To Fly (RTF) or out of the box FPV Drones (Quads) tend to have components that are less than desirable. 

Militia Brothers consults with and builds our clients and customers the fastest high performing custom professional FPV Racing Drones (Quads) in the industry. We are not limited by the products we have in house, and we build our FPV Race Drones (Quads) in the United States and with the industries leading and most competitive products available in the marketplace. You have choices, so you can make sure that your Racing Quad is unique and fits your personality and flying style. Each and every FPV Racing Drone (Quad) we build is first tested, inspected, and quality checked before we send to you. 

If you are interested in Militia Brothers building you one of the most competitive FPV Racing Drones available and having ongoing support throughout the life of your purchase, please feel free to contact us anytime at info@militiabrothers.com so we can get you up in the air with the highest performing FPV Racing Drones (Quads) available. 

Below are just a few of our builds

Guerrilla Drone Custom Build



Jeff Gobler
Militia Brothers, LLC