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Militia Brothers, LLC is a family business from the Pacific Northwest. We started this company and brand because we love the sport of FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle/Acro flying to which we are extremely passionate about.

We are constantly evaluating, evolving and expanding our branded line of products, which we will soon be distributing to larger retailers in the industry so there are more avenues for you to purchase.

Making the decision to only sell our brand in our retail store was determined by our passion to provide the most durable and highest of quality products available. By only selling our own brand of products means we can control the quality that is coming into us as well as going out the door.

Militia Brothers supports our local FPV clubs and provides field discounts to Pilots so they are able to stay in the air longer.  We also sponsor some amazing Pilots and will continue to sponsor Pilots that display amazing talent and sportsmanship

You can find Militia Brothers on our Social Media pages listed below. Please feel free to connect with us anytime. 

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You can also reach me direct if you have any questions at:

We look forward to what the future holds in this industry and welcome any feedback/support to improve our business and products. 

Thanks again,
Militia Brothers, LLC