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Jeff GoblerI would like to thank everyone for coming to the Militia Brothers Web site. We are truly thankful you have stopped in to check out our portfolio of products and services (which will be growing). 

As we continue to build and expand the Militia Brothers brand, our main focus and goal is to provide FPV Pilots with the highest quality products and services available. We will also continue to seek out and sponsor extremely talented Pilots from all over the world to show our support in an industry that is ever evolving. We truly are passionate about this industry/sport and the people in it.

There are reasons why we have very few products and that the products we do have are only Militia Brothers branded. We have been working for months with manufacturers on our current line of Militia Brothers branded products, making sure the products we provide are durable, great looking, and are reasonably priced which is extremely time consuming.

In the future and as the Militia Brothers brand grows, we will continue to have you, our customers, as our primary focus. We have some cool products in the pipeline and we will provide updates on our Blog prior to launching so you are appropriately informed.

We look forward to many years of business, and I hope if you see us or our canopy at an event that you please come by and say "hello" and introduce yourself. 

Thanks again,
Militia Brothers, LLC


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