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Militia Brothers, LLC New Products, News and Updates

First, I want to thank you all for your support and patience lately. We at Militia Brothers have been extremely busy the last few months on new product development, our video Sponsorship contest as well as building new FPV Quads for our expanding client base.

Below are all the specific info and details surrounding our new products and new product lines (i.e. Cell Black 132, Air Rings, Keisters, Rucksacks, etc.) as well as other Militia Brothers, LLC business to include our Sponsorship contest results. We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to announce even more products and accessories we are working on which will be available early next year. 

Cell Block 132


Our new Cell Block 132 product line is now available on!  So what is all this hype we have been communicating about Cell Block 132? Cell Block 132 is a collection of branded products specifically designed for small and large spaces, is extremely versatile, interchangeable, inside/outside, cold/hot weather, and made for whooping it up First Person View (FPV) style or just line of sight (LOS). We have been working on this tiny product line for months to get it right, and part of this product line gives you the ability setup the most amazing professional tiny courses/tracks anywhere you prefer (i.e. walls, windows, glass, metal, concrete, wood, dirt, grass, etc.) Our Cell Block 132 product designs are also extremely compact so you can easily travel with them to any destination in the world.  

New!!! Cell Block 132 - Tiny Race Gates
As part of our Cell Block 132 Product Line are our modular Tiny Race Gates, which will be available in 2 different sizes (Small and Large) and will come in an extremely durable and compact Militia Brothers branded travel bag. They are also available in black and/or white which is our flagship colors, and each kit will come with 3 complete modular Tiny Race Gates. We will also have additional accessory bases (sold separately) available for our modular Tiny Race Gates and modular Tiny Race Flags that will continue to grow as we continue to expand our product lines versatility. Also, all of our accessory bases (i.e. Magnets, Suction Cups, Stakes, etc.) pictured below are now available, and will be interchangeable between Tiny Race Gates and our Tiny Race Flags. Our modular Tiny Race Gates are extremely durable and of the highest quality, as all our products are and will continue to be. Available at:

Small Race Gates Hole Dimensions are: 9 1/2 inches wide and 7 inches tall
Large Race Gate Hole Dimensions are: 16 inches wide by 11 1/2 inches tall

New!!! Cell Block 132 - Tiny Race Flags
Our Cell Block 132 modular Tiny Race Flags will also come 3 modular Flags to a kit, come in black and/or white, as well as come in a Militia Brothers branded compact travel bag. All the accessory bases are completely interchangeable between our Cell Blocok 132 Tiny Race Gates and our Cell Block 132 Tiny Race Flags. As with all our products, our modular Tiny Race Flags are extremely durable and are of the highest quality. Available at:

Flag Dimensions: 27 inches tall and 8 inches wide

New!!! Cell Block 132 - Tiny Race Gate and Tiny Race Flag Accessories
Militia Brothers Cell Block 132 accessory bases are compatible and interchangeable within our Tiny Race Gates and Tiny Race Flags. Our accessory bases and available accessory options will continue to grow, but for now we have available rubber coated extremely powerful magnets (DO NOT let these bad boys sick together as they are powerful). These magnets will stick to walls that have any metal hiding behind them, which give you the ability to setup some amazing courses. We also have suction cups for windows, glass, some floors, etc. as well as stakes that can be put into the ground within planters, yard, grass, etc. All this versatility means amazing courses that you can setup anywhere, whether traveling, on vacation, in your home, hotel, bar, jail, prison, etc. Available at:

Magnets - Suction Cups - Ground Spikes

New!!! Cell Block 132 - Keister
Introducing the Militia Brothers Keister! This is a great product for carrying your Tiny FPV Drone from cell to cell, event to event, bar to bar, house to house, or just place to place. Keep your Tiny FPV Drone safe and Keister it! Available at:


New!!! Cell Block 132 - Clothing Line
So we could not release a product line without having a clothing line to support the products. We released our beanie hats a few weeks ago and will continue to expand our clothing line to support Cell Block 132. Available at:

Yard Product Line

NEW!!!  Militia Brothers Air Ring
We also now have available our Air Rings as part of expanding our Yard product line. These Air Rings are made with the same durable material as our Race Gates and are meant to take abuse.....lots of it. Our Air Rings are available in either black and/or white. Available at:

Militia Brothers Race Gates Back in Stock!
Finally our durable Race Gates are now back in stock. These have been selling extremely fast due to the high quality and extremely durable material, unlike most out there. Also, all our Race Gate/Ring bags are now branded!   

General Accessories

New!!! Militia Brothers Rucksack
Militia Brothers has created a cool branded Rucksack for your Props, Quads Goggles, Batteries, etc. Keep your quad protected from the weather by putting it in our Rucksack. Attach the Rucksack directly to your backpack and keep your stuff out of the weather. Also, all of our New Builds come in these cool Rucksacks. Available at:

Video Sponsorship Winner!

On Halloween day we announced the winner of our Video Sponsorship contest on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and our Web site. We were thrilled that we received 23 entries from pilots wanting to be a part of the Militia Brothers Team (family). All pilots that participated in our Sponsorship Contest were amazing, and if we could have sponsored everyone we would have. We hope to give everyone another opportunity next year, so stay tuned! 

Again, please congratulate and welcome our newest Militia Brothers Team Pilot Micah Morton (aka Woot FPV)

Micah has worked extremely hard in this industry and is an amazing pilot. If Micah is not building, flying, running a MultiGP chapter, or hanging with his family then he is working or sleeping because he has no time for anything else.

His dedication and devotion to this industry should not go unnoticed and we are extremely lucky as an organization to have him as a Team Pilot. We look forward to having Micah on our team and growing our Militia Brothers family.

So what is next for Militia Brothers?

  • We are not going anywhere and will be around for a long long long time! 
  • We will continue to support the community, pilots, friends and family!
  • We will be looking to sponsor and support more Team Pilots next year!
  • We are always working on more new products and will be launching regularly!
  • We are growing and will continue to grow as a company!

Militia Brothers will communicate to you all via this Newsletter format as well as through our Social Media platforms, to include our new Blog (which will be on our Web site), to make sure your fully informed.

Please know that we truly do understand and will respect your email inbox to not send out Newsletters more than once per quarter unless something extremely important needs communicated. 

Thanks again and see you at the next race!

Militia Brothers, LLC


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