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Company News and New Products Launching!

Wow, it is hard to believe we launched our official company Web site just over 3 weeks ago (yep only 3 weeks). We have met so many amazing people and companies along our short journey and we are truly thankful for those relationships. We cannot thank each of you enough for all your love and constant support and we will continue to put our customers, friends and family first in everything we do while on this amazing and crazy journey together. 

So to begin this next phase of our journey together, Militia Brothers will be making some significant announcements in the near future regarding our company. We will also be making some announcements on some new Militia Brothers brand of products that we are very excited about releasing.

So, on November 1, 2016 we will reveal our company news as well as our newest Militia Brothers branded products. This information will be communicated via our Blog, Web site and on our Social Media channels.

This is as much information as we are able to release at this time, but hope you are just as excited as we are about it. We think you are going to love the news and the new products!

Stay tuned.....

Please note we will do our very best to not delay this communication and release, but sometimes things happen. Regardless we will continue to keep you informed via this Blog as well as our Social Media channels in case of a delay or to potentially move this date up (fingers crossed).

Best regards,
Militia Brothers, LLC

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  • Ian Keever

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

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